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Number of the beast = the numbering of mankind (SSN)

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Revelation 3:18 says that the number of the beast is "arithmos anthropou", that is the numbering of anthropods (humans), in other words, the national I.D. number, Social Security Number, or as Canadians more honestly say, 'Social Insurance Number' (S.I.N.)

QUESTION: I'm not sure I see a violation of YHWH's laws to have a birth certificate or SS number.

There's some interesting info on this in the forums at

It ties directly into the idea of bondage.

When a bankrupt government wants to make war, it asks the supra-national banking establishment for a loan.
The bankers say, "You're broke."
The government says, "No, I have collateral: 100 million wage-earning Americans, and their children after them, who have agreed to be part of my system.
The taxpayers (semi-unknowingly) have agreed that their persons and their labor are surety for the national debt.
They have proven so by applying for and using completely voluntary Social Security Numbers, and by 'supporting OUR troops.'
They want the war and will pay for it via taxation and inflation."
The Lenders say, "Fair enough. After all, we want the war too; here's your 360 Billion warbucks."

Just as when David numbered his fighting men, government counts its strength to make war by assessing the taxable earnings of the people who have signed on to its Socialist system, and the future value of their children.