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The scripture defines marriage as one man + one woman for life. No state marriage license is allowed by scripture. A man owes lifelong responsibility to care for a woman the moment he has sex with her. No ceremony is necessary.

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13 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Marriage

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  1. YAH Separates Adam, Creating ‘Wombed-Man’
  2. YAH Lets Adam Name The Animals
  3. Husband, Sacrifice Yourself To Love Your Wife
  4. Hebrews Get Year-Long Honeymoons
  5. Wives & Husbands & All, Submit To Each Other
  6. The Emperor Strips And Banishes His Queen
  7. Love Righteous Wisdom; Then You'll Live
  8. The Wedding Comes To A Rousing Finish
  9. The Crowd Holds Back The Brothers
  10. SunRay Throws A Big Pagan Wedding Feast
  11. Caleb Gives His Daughter To Expel Mutants
  12. SunRay Eats Honey From The Dead Lion's Carcass
  13. How Judith Became A Widow


82 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Marriage

  1. Mark 10:8 Those “two” [people, the man and the woman,] become 1 ‘flesh.’ [They're] no longer two [individuals, 😇]. They form a new unity, one ‘body.’
    note: Through the neuro-chemical action of vasopresin and oxytocin, men, who are naturally polygamous, become monogamous. But the marriage bond is very fragile. It must be protected from the destroying power of pornography and lust.
  2. Genesis 2:18 YHVH Elohim says, “It's no good for man to be alone, 😇. I'll make him a helper.”
  3. Genesis 2:24 [Mens' & women's shared genetic background explains why] a man leaves his father and his mother, then sticks to his wife [so tightly that] the [husband and wife] become [a] unified organism.
    note: A lifelong monogamous couple is joined together by bonds created by internal sex-drugs. Oxytocin and vasopresin alter the nervous system to create permanent attraction between sex partners. These chemicals backfire to create a tangled mess in your mind if you have multiple sex partners, or you expose yourself to pornography, or you even lustfully look at or think about people (other than your spouse).
  4. 1st Peter 3:1 [Like a sheep to a shepherd,] you wives, stay in subjection to your own husbands. [This is hard, because some of your husbands are jerks. Yet the payoff is] that [even] if any [given husband] fails to obey YAH's word, the wives, without talking/complaining [or sermonizing], can ‘win’ their husbands by behaving [wisely and compassionately].
    note: The person in charge of any situation is the one with his/her mouth shut. Preachers can [and should] also ‘win souls’ without yakking, simply by behaving admirably.
  5. Genesis 2:22 From the [feminine] side, which YHVH Elohim [subtracts] from Adam, YAH makes a woman. [YAH] brings her to Adam.
    note: YAH looks "in a Spirit mirror" and divides his [androgynous] Spirit reflection into two parts, (like a cartoon-soul leaves a body). YAH splits Adam in two, producing a female (wombed) man and a male (womb-less) man. The word so comically literally translated "rib" is: #6763 tsela (side).
  6. 1st Peter 3:7 Likewise, you husbands, dwell with your wives in understanding and considerate compassion. Give honor to your wife, as you would a delicate, priceless crystal vase. Consider her your co-inheritor of the grace of life. Do this, or your prayers may be blocked.
  7. Proverbs 12:4 A virtuous woman [shines,] a crown to her husband, 😇. But [a wife who makes him] ashamed [stinks]. [She's] rot infecting his bones.
  8. Genesis 24:67 So Isaac {Laughter} brings [Rebekah {Captivator}] into the tent that his mother Sarah {Monarch} [left him]. He takes Rebekah {Captivator}. She becomes his wife. Isaac loves her. Thus Isaac gets comfort [to soothe the grief of] his mother's death.
    note: No marriage ceremony. No state marriage license. No vows. No preacher blabbing, "By the authority of my State of confusion, I pronounce you husband and wife." Her father gives consent. Then Isaac beds her. And, BAM, she's his wife.
  9. Proverbs 18:22 Whoever finds [one] wife [for life] finds good, 😇. [A faithful spouse] is a gift of favor from YHVH.
  10. Colossians 3:19 Husbands, love your wives. Never be bitter against them.
    note: Never treat your wife harshly. Never take advantage of her.
  11. Genesis 29:30 So Jacob finally goes in and sleeps with Rachel {Ewe}. And, [of course,] Jacob loves Rachel more than Leah {Weary}. [But] Jacob [fulfills his word. He] serves Laban {Whitey} 7 more years, [even though Jacob didn't want (worn-out) Leah in the 1st place].
    note: Jacob honors the principle that if you deflower a girl, even by mistake, you have to take care of her for the rest of her life.
  12. Ecclesiastes 9:9 Live in delight with [the one] spouse you love, 😇. [Together enjoy] the whole span of your dead-end body-life which [YAH] gives you under the sun, all your fleeting days [YAH] allots you in your lives. [Let your spouse comfort you] in your labor [in] which you toil [together] under the sun.
    note: lit. ‘woman’ Living in your meat-body is a vain pursuit, because you will die. However, if you do bona-fide acts of unselfish charity, doing good for others, your life will pile up eternal value (treasure in heaven). Solomon here rejects polygamy. He tried it (with 600+ wives) and found it to be a trap. One wife for life. Or better, no wife at all.
  13. Mark 10:7 [YHVH specifically created men & women to monogamously mate]. So each [non-celibate] man leaves his father and mother. He joins his [1] wife.
  14. Ephesians 5:28 So men ought to love their wives like they love their own bodies, 😇. Whoever loves his wife loves himself.
  15. Ephesians 5:22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands, as [you would] to Adonai [YHVH].
    note: Your husband may be a jerk, the opposite of Jesus. You still have to submit to his lawful will. This doesn't mean your husband can order you to do anything contrary to the bible.
  16. Esther 1:22 Emperor ArtaXerxes dispatches [thousands of foot-messengers. They sprint from Persia's palace. They carry] bulletins to every province of the Empire, to each province in its own script, to each people-group in their own language. The [couriers shout], “Publish this edict: Each man is ruler of his own house!”
    note: Women must obey their husbands and fathers. There's no other way. Dad holds the steering wheel. Grabbing it out of his hand will just kill everybody. Too bad that men are such incompetent leaders. But that's the way it is. If you didn't want to follow his leadership, you shouldn't have married him.
  17. 1st Corinthians 7:36 But if any [father] thinks that holding his virgin [daughter] back from marriage is no good for her, if she's flowering into maturity, and [her perceived] ‘needs’ are pressing, let [her Dad] do as he chooses. Marriage is not a sin, 😇. Let them marry.
    note: This is commonly paraphrased differently yet also truly: if a man is dallying sexually with a virgin, then they should consider marriage.
  18. Proverbs 31:11 [The good woman's] husband's heart safely trusts in her, 😇. He never needs to plunder [anyone]. [The couple work together to get what they need.]
  19. Deuteronomy 24:5 When a man accepts a virgin woman [as a bride], he won't venture out with masses [of men to explore and tame the land], nor be encumbered by any business. He'll be free at home one year, to cheer up his [new] wife.
    note: Try that on the army of the nation around you. The pagans send boys out to get their faces blown off in war right away, in the first few weeks of marriage. And look deeper: the newlywed doesn't have to work for an entire year! That's because Hebrews who follow YHWH's Law are prosperous, blessed, enjoying all they need with plenty left over to share.
  20. Exodus 2:21 Moses happily stays [there] with the [priest, who likes Moses so much he] gives Moses his daughter Zipporah {Bird} [as a wife]!
  21. Ephesians 5:31 [Scripture says,] [For marriage,] a man leaves his father & mother and joins to his wife. The two people become one body, 😇.’
    note: (Genesis 2:24)
  22. Colossians 3:18 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands [in every proper way. You are both necessary parts of] Adonai [YHVH's political body].
    note: Yet, wives, you don't have to rob a bank or watch porn just because your husband wants you to. Your husband has no authority to tell you to do evil.
  23. 1st Timothy 3:12 Each [Ecclesiastical helper] must be the husband of [no more than] one wife, 😇. [Helpers] must competently rule their own children and families [and workers].
    note: No divorces, no adultery, no fornication, no polygamy. Polygamists wrongly conjugate this verse, “at least one wife.” Ruling a family means to hold your family to YAH's laws, not to be a dictator.
  24. 1st Timothy 5:14 So, 😇, I urge younger women to marry, to bear children, [to] guide the house, and to give the enemy no opportunity for slander.
  25. Ephesians 5:24 The Ekklesia is subject to [the] Messiah. In the same way, 😇, wives should be [submissive] to their husbands in everything.
    note: The wife may drive better than the husband. But the wife shouldn't grab the steering wheel when the husband is driving. That would wreck the whole family. Girls, when you marry, you elect a man to be your master. Husband means "Master." Think about that before you choose a husband. Better to be celibate than to marry a man whom you won't follow. Obviously, this verse must be used with caution. Sometimes the husband isn't leading; he's dragging the family down to eternal death. In that case, the wife may have to get away from him. But never re-marry until he's dead. And murdering him is cheating.
  26. Ephesians 5:25 Husbands, [turn] your wives' [lives into] feasts-of-love. Just as [the] Messiah loved the Ekklesia so much he gave himself to [save] ‘her.’
  27. Ephesians 5:33 So, 😇, each of you[r] husbands must love his wife as he loves himself. And each wife must see that she reverences her husband.
  28. Proverbs 31:12 😇, the [good wife] does her husband good, not evil, all the days of her life.
  29. 1st Peter 3:6 Follow Sara, who obeyed [fallible] Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, calling him ‘Master.’ You [women] are Sara's daughters, as long as you do right and avoid giving way to fear.
    note: Husband means ‘master’ and ‘lord.’ Tell young ladies that, and they'll be less quick to jump in the sack and marry some jerk.
  30. Genesis 2:21 YHVH Elohim causes a deep slumber to fall upon Adam. Adam sleeps. Meanwhile, YAH takes one side of Adam, and closes up the ‘flesh wound’…
    note: Eve is not an overgrown rib! Rather, Woman is mankind's feminine side. The Creator is whole. He has no gender. Man and Woman are two halves of the image of the whole Creator. That's part of why we humans get so obsessed with sexual union: putting together the whole. In heaven we will be whole beings, non-sexual, like the angels.
    Side=#6763 tsela`:
    side: literally (of the body) or figuratively (of an object: door-leaf, quarter of the sky), timber, plank, beam, board, corner or section of a ceiling or floor, etc.; rib, side-chamber.

  31. 1st Samuel 25:42 Then AbiGail {Daddy's-Joy} jumps up. She rushes [to the stable]. She rides [her] donkey [out of the barn]. Five of her [worker] girls chase after her. She rides behind David's messengers. She becomes his [2nd] wife.
    note: She becomes his wife when he lies with her. No ceremony necessary. David [foolishly] took at least 22 wives and concubines.
  32. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 26:26 A woman who honors her husband will be judged wise by all. But she who in her arrogance dishonors her husband will be condemned as wicked by everyone.
  33. Titus 2:5 Women must be discreet, chaste, good, obedient to their own husbands. [Women] must take good care of the places they live, so that the Word of [YHVH] the Eloah never gets blasphemed, 😇.
    note: You can call yourself a 'Christian,' but if your yard and house are messy and your dog barks uncontrollably, your neighbor will curse you and your false religion.
  34. Genesis 29:22 So Laban {Whitey} gathers together all the men of the [parched desert] place. He throws a feast, 😇.
    note: Laban gathers the men together to keep Jacob from murdering him in the morning.
  35. 1st Corinthians 7:17 And, 😇, don't be wishing you were someplace else or with someone else. What you're going through is Elohim's calling to mature you. Live, obey and believe where you find yourself. Don't run off to another mate whom you fantasize will be better. And don't reinvent your life to copy some group you want to fit into. Elohim defines your life. Your marital status and your social group are irrelevant. Don't think I'm being harder on you than I am on the others, 😇. I give this same counsel in all the Ekklesia.
    note: This is a paraphrase to get at what we think Paul was saying, because the other translations (which are usually paraphrases as well) don't make sense. Play the cards you've been dealt. If you married someone and they walk away, then wait and pray, until death if necessary, for them to repent and come back. If you were single when you were saved, strongly consider staying celibate.
  36. Luke 20:34 YahShua answers the Saducees, “The ‘sons of this age’ mate with ladies, some of whom their fathers trade away [in exchange for the traditional bride-price];
    note: (traditionally 7 years of the groom's wages)
  37. Luke 20:28 The Sadducees [deceptively] ask YahShua, “Master, Moses wrote to us: ‘If any man's brother dies and leaves a widow but no children, the surviving brother should [marry] his dead brother's wife, to raise up “seed” [children] for his brother.
    note: to preserve the man’s family line
  38. Psalms 45:15 Lit up with joy, [the couple] spin around [dancing, like two stars spinning in mutual orbit]. [Finally] soldiers escort the [royal newlyweds from the sanctuary] into the royal palace.
  39. Proverbs 19:14 [Men] inherit houses and riches from [their] Dads, 😇. [But] a prudent wife comes [miraculously] from YHVH.
    note: Houses and riches become curses unless you use them to help needy people. A good wife is rare, priceless true wealth.
  40. Genesis 21:21 IshmaEl dwells in the [spectacular desert] wilderness of Paran {Gleam}, 😇. His mother [travels to] the land of Egypt. She brings [Ishmael back] a wife!
    note: Arranged marriage is, on average, more successful than modern infatuation-based marriage.
  41. Joshua 15:17 So OthniEl {Force-Of-El} (the son of Caleb's brother Kenaz {Hunter}) takes [the city vacated by the occultists fleeing Israel's praise-power]. So [Caleb] gives his daughter Achsah {Anklet} to OthniEl as his wife-cousin.
  42. Judges 14:10 So [SunRay's] Dad [hikes] down [west] to [Palestine to buy] the [forbidden] woman. Then, as customary for grooms, [SunRay] throws a huge feast there. [In flock the pagan Philistines. They get drunker and rowdier.]
  43. Song of Solomon 8:13 [She yells over the crowd to her beloved, who stands on a far hill facing Solomon. SHEPHERDESS:] You, [my beloved] who live in the gardens! [My] companions here are listening for your voice.” [A crowd of gawkers stand up from the bushes. Among them is Nice-Concubine. Palace soldiers rush up, crossbows drawn.] [SHEPHERDESS (cries, desperate for her lover):] “Let me hear your voice, my love!” [The onlookers surround the girl's fuming brothers.]
  44. Ephesians 5:23 For the husband is the captain of the wife, 😇, just as the Messiah is the head of the Ekklesia. And the Messiah is the savior of [his political] Body.
    note: The husband may be dumber than his wife. But he's never going to let go of the wheel.
  45. Genesis 38:8 So Judah {Celebrated} says to Onan {Pounder}, “Go in. [Bed] your [deceased] brother's wife Tamar {Tall-Palm}. Marry her. Raise seed-children for your [deceased] brother.”
    note: This requirement that a relative make babies with (and take care of) his dead relative's wife pre-dated the Sinai Covenant, and endures today.
  46. Psalms 45:11 —The king yearns for your beauty. He is your [new] master. Bow to his [sole authority].”
    note: 'Husband' means 'Master'. Sorry ladies. Perhaps you should have considered celibacy.
  47. Psalms 45:14 [Soldiers] escort her to the king's [embrace]. Behind her, her friends, [trembling] virgin [bridesmaids], gather round.
  48. Joshua 15:16 [There] Caleb says, “Whoever casts out [the pagans of] Kirjath-Sepher {Branch-City}, and occupies it, I'll give Achsah {Anklet} my daughter as his wife.”
    note: Presumably the girl would also have to give her consent.
  49. 1st Kings 11:19 [Teen] Hadad {Fierce} finds great favor in the sight of Pharaoh. So [Pharaoh] gives [Hadad] a wife: the sister of [Egypt's] Queen Tahpenes.
  50. Deuteronomy 25:5 If [Hebrew] men live [reasonably near each other], and one of them dies leaving no children, the wife of the dead man shouldn't [be forced to] separate [from Hebrew culture] to turn to [bedding] an alien man. [If she wants to be married,] a relative [however distant] of her [deceased] husband should step in and take her as his wife, and cover her [with his protection], and do the duty [of caring] for her, as a kinsman of any [deceased Hebrew] husband should.
    note: The word normally translated ‘brother’ [#251 'ash] is very broad. It connotes ‘kindred.’ #2992 yabam [normally translated ‘duty of the husband's brother’] is a primitive root of doubtful meaning. Defining this rule as strictly to pertain only to ‘brothers’, when over a million Hebrew men could have fit the bill, makes it silly, awkward, bizarre and a de-facto promotion of polygamy.
  51. Exodus 18:2 So Jethro {Superior}, Moses’ father-in-law, [runs to tell the good news to] Zipporah {Bird}, Moses’ wife, whom Moses had sent back from Egypt [before the Exodus].
    note: Probably at Ex 4:26 Moses sent Zipporah back, when Moses figured out this was not a quickie one-stop Exodus; that his wife and sons would be murder-targets. Or Moses and Zipporah were still having the conflicts exposed in the circumcision incident. The assumption that their relationship was stormy and/or broken is supported by the lack of mention of Zipporah beyond this chapter.
  52. Ruth 3:10 Boaz {Stabilizer} answers, “May YHVH bless you, my daughter. You've shown more kindness now than you did earlier. [I'm impressed that a beautiful girl like] you didn't chase young men. [You ignore] even the rich [young studs].
  53. Genesis 25:1 [To replace Sarah {Monarch}, old grey] Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} marries a [hot young new] wife, named Keturah {Fragrant}.
    note: Keturah= perfumed/incense.
  54. Numbers (Journeys) 36:6 This is what YHVH now commands in the [case of] the daughters of Zelophehad: I quote, “Let the [ladies] marry whomever they think best. [Yet if the girls want to permanently keep their own land,] they can only marry into [a] family in the tribe of their [ancient] fore-father [Manasseh].
    note: Manasseh died about 400 years earlier. His descendants included about 32000 men for these 5 girls to choose from. The girls were in no danger of inbreeding. See Num 1:31-35.
  55. Genesis 38:6 [Er {Watcher}, Judah's firstborn son, grows up, 😇.] Judah arranges for [Eyer] to marry a wife named Tamar {Tall-Palm}.
  56. Genesis 29:24 Then Laban {Whitey} [announces to the stunned, drunk party guests], “I'm giving Zilpah (my maid) as a [wedding] present to Leah {Weary}, to serve as her handmaid!”
    note: Adultery on the way...
  57. Esther 1:20 [Make trumpeters] publish [your] Imperial decree (which [you] will make) throughout [your] whole colossal empire. Then all the wives will give honor to their husbands, both great and small!”
  58. Genesis 25:20 At 40 years old, Isaac {Laughter} marries his [captivatingly beautiful] wife Rebekah {Captivator}. ([Rebekah is] the daughter of Bethu-El {Separated-by-El} the Syrian from Padan-Aram {Highland-Plateau}. [Rebekah is] the sister of Laban {Whitey} [the pervert, also] a Syrian.)
  59. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 26:13 The grace of a wife delights her husband; her discretion will strengthen his bones.
  60. 1st Corinthians 11:11 Nevertheless, 😇, in [union with YHVH] the Adonai, woman is not independent of man. Nor is man independent of woman.
  61. 1st Corinthians 7:14 For [to an extent,] the believing husband sanctifies his [unbelieving] wife, 😇. And the believing wife sanctifies her [unbelieving] husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean. But [children who have at least one believing parent] are holy.
    note: One holy partner in a marriage blesses the entire family. Even if the other spouse is a cheating louse.
  62. John 2:1 Two days later, 😇, [heathens] throw a wedding in Cana [Cane-town] (in Galilee [the-Heathen-Circle]). YahShua's mother [Mary] attends.
  63. Luke 20:29 —Now there live 7 brothers. The 1st brother marries a wife. Then [he] dies without [leaving any] children.
  64. Judges 14:8 [SunRay goes back home, shout-singing for joy, floating on a wave of lust.] Time passes. SunRay returns to buy the [succubus as his wife. He runs down the road.] He turns aside to look for the carcass of the lion [he'd killed]. SunRay's eyes shock open, seeing a swarm of bees and honey in the carcass of the lion.
  65. Matthew 22:27 —Finally the widow dies.
  66. Matthew 22:25 —Now there lived among us 7 brothers. The 1st brother marries a wife. But [he] quickly dies before his wife gets pregnant. So his widow marries the 2nd brother.
  67. Matthew 22:24 The Saducees ask YahShua, “Master, Moses said that when a man dies childless, the dead man's brother must marry the widow, and get her pregnant to give her children, [to preserve her family line and take care of her in her old age].
    note: This was a trick question, not an honest inquiry. The principle is correct, as illustrated in the Book of Ruth.
  68. Ruth 3:11 Now, my daughter, don't be afraid. I'll do for you all that you ask. For [even though you're an ‘enemy’ foreigner,] all my fellow townsmen know you're a virtuous woman. [They're just afraid to say so.]
  69. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 26:1 Bless the man who has a virtuous wife, for the number of his days will be double.
  70. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 26:2 A virtuous woman [fills] her husband with enough joy to fill out the years of his life in peace.
  71. 2nd Chronicles 24:3 [Meanwhile,] YAHoyada {YAH-Knows} takes two wives [in succession] for himself. He fathers sons and daughters.
    note: Jahoiada lives to 130 years old, so presumably he outlived his first wife and then married his 2nd wife.
  72. Exodus 2:1 [During this time of anti-semitic infanticide, Amram {High-People},] a man descended from Levi {Uniter}, takes a wife [JahKebed] (who also descended from Levi).
  73. John 2:2 [The groom] invites YahShua and his disciples to the wedding.
  74. Joshua 15:18 Later, [on her wedding day, Anklet] rides toward her father [Caleb while she] begs [her new hubby] OthniEl {Force-Of-El} to ask her Dad for a field. [Anklet] jumps off her donkey. Caleb asks her, “What would you like?”
  75. Ruth 3:12 Now you're right. I'm your close in-law. But [you] have a closer kinsman than me.
  76. Genesis 11:29 Abram {High-Father} and Nahor {Snorer} take wives for themselves. The name of Abram's wife is Sarai {Chief}. The name of Nahor's wife is Milcah {Queen}, (the daughter of Haran {Scorch}. [Haran also] comes to father Milcah's sister Iscah {Watcher}).
  77. Judith 8:2 [Flash back to Judith's past.] She falls in love with and marries her tribesman, a distant cousin named Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}. Sadly, he dies during a barley harvest.
  78. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:2 JAHoacim {YAH-Establishes} takes a wife named Susanna {Lily}, (the daughter of ChelciYah). [Susanna] radiates feminine beauty. She fears Adonai [YHVH].
    note: Susanna = #7799 shuwshan or shoshan; (feminine) showshannah {sho-shan-naw'}; from 7797; a lily (from its whiteness), a flower of architechural ornament; also a (straight) trumpet (from the tubular shape): lily. Plural: Shoshannim.
  79. 1st Corinthians 9:5 Don’t we [missionaries] have the right to take along with us a believing wife, as do [many of YahShua's] other emissaries, including the Master [YahShua’s] blood-brothers and Cephas {Peter-The-Rock}?
    note: Celibacy is not required. But celibacy is best, if you can sustain it.
  80. Tobit 11:19 The people celebrate TobiYah's wedding [feast] for 7 days with great joy.
  81. Tobit 9:6 And early in the morning they go out together, and [walk] to the wedding. There TobiYah blesses his wife.
  82. 1st Chronicles 8:29 Gibeon's father [Jeiel] lives in Gibeon {Flower-Hills} with his wife named Maachah {Press}.


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