Bible ~~- Older Testament ~~- Job ~~- chapter 1 of 42 (22 verses.)

Job 1Wrench

Rich Job Has Everything A Man Could Want
1 Integrity *In the [ancient] land of Uz [south of Edom, west of Arabia], a man named Job {Affliction} comes to exist. [Job lives] inoffensively and righteously. He fears Elohim. He shuns evil.
Job probably lived during the time when (Jacob's son) Joseph ruled Egypt. Job was likely a son of Issachar. Job's name (#347) means โ€œhated, persecuted enemy.โ€ [Job is] the greatest poem, whether of ancient or modern literature.โ€”Tennyson I call [Job] one of the grandest [works] ever written with pen.โ€”Carlyle [Job is] more magnificent and sublime than any other book of Scripture.โ€”Luther
2 Giving Birth Job's [wife] births him 7 sons and 3 daughters.
3 Success *Job's material wealth [grows] to include 7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 yoke-pair of oxen, 500 she-donkeys, and a massive household. This makes [Job] the greatest [rich] man of all the men in the Eastern [hemisphere]!
That's the value of 40 luxury mansions or 1100 new cars in animals alone! Plus Job owned lands, treasures, houses and enterprises.
4 Family Job's sons take turns traveling to feast in their [respective] houses. They send [messengers] to call for their 3 sisters to eat and to drink with them.
5 Community Love Feasts After each feast [period], Job sends [messengers to summon] his children for a sanctification [ritual]. Job rises up early in the morning. He smoke-roasts ascension-gifts [to feed needy people]. [He donates] one [animal to try to make up for the sins] of each of his children. Job reasons, โ€œMaybe my sons have sinned, and cursed Elohim in their hearts.โ€ Job continually performs such kind acts.
Satan Begs YHVH For Rights To Torture Job
6 The Devil Meanwhile, one day the [angelic] sons of Elohim come to present themselves before YHVH. But among them, Satan also comes [to face YAH's throne].
Satan lives trapped on planet earth. But YHVH sometimes allows Satan to leave prison to come to a court hearing. This is one such occasion.
7 The Devil *So YHVH asks Satan, โ€œWhere are you coming from?โ€ Satan [hisses] his answer to YHVH, โ€œ[I come] from [flying] back and forth over the earth, from pacing up and down [across the hellish cage you've trapped me in].โ€
8 Righteous Actions (Works) *So YHVH asks Satan, โ€œHave you considered my servant Job? [Do you see] that there's no one like him on the earthโ€”[an] undefiled, upright man, one who fears Elohim, and [always] turns [away] from evil?โ€
9 The Devil *Satan [hisses] at YHVH, โ€œDoes Job fear Elohim for nothing?
10 Yah's Protection *โ€”Haven't you built a hedge around Job, and around his house, surrounding all he has on every side? You always bless the work of his hands. So his wealth piles up on the earth.
11 Tribulation/Purification/testing *โ€”But stretch out your hand now. Strike everything Job has. Then he'll curse you to your face.โ€
12 The Devil *YHVH says to Satan, โ€œLook: everything Job has is in your power. Just don't lay your hand on Job.โ€ So Satan [flies] out from the presence of YHVH.
The only way you can survive the devil's attacks is to be protected by YHVH.
Sabeans Steal Oxen & Donkeys, Murder Men
13 Community Love Feasts So one day Job's sons and his daughters sit eating and drinking wine in their oldest brother's house.
14 Tribulation/Purification/testing Then a messenger [rides his race-horse] to Job. [The messenger shouts], โ€œ[Your] oxen were plowing. [Your] donkeys were feeding beside the [oxen].
15 Defeat *โ€”Then the Sabeans fell on [your] animals. They stole [your] oxen and donkeys away. Worse, the Sabeans murdered [your] servants with the โ€˜biteโ€™ of the sword. I'm [the] only one who escaped to tell you!โ€
Sky-Fire Incinerates Job's Sheep & Shepherds
16 The Devil *While that messenger [jumps up and down screaming], another [messenger rides] up [to Job]. [This 2nd messenger shouts], โ€œThe fire of Elohim fell from heaven. It burned up [your] sheep and [your] servants. [Flames] ate them! I'm the only [one left! I] alone escaped to tell you!โ€
Babylonians Steal Camels, Murder Workmen
17 Tribulation/Purification/testing *While that messenger [stands screaming], yet another messenger [storms] up [to Job. The messenger cries,] โ€œThe Chaldeans formed 3 [raiding] bands. They fell upon [your] camels and carried them away! Worse, they murdered [all your] workers with the โ€˜biteโ€™ of the sword. I alone escaped to tell you!โ€
A Tornado Crushes Job's Sons (& Daughters)
18 Tribulation/Purification/testing While that messenger [writhes screaming, a 4th] messenger [crawls] up. [He moans], โ€œ[Job, while] your sons and your daughters [sat] eating and drinking wine in their oldest brother's mansionโ€ฆ
19 The Devil *โ€”suddenly [I] see a huge spirit [tornado] fly in from the desert! It strikes the four corners of the mansion! [The roof] falls on [your] children. They're [all] dead. I alone escaped to tell you!โ€
In Unimaginable Suffering, Job Praises YHVH
20 Sorrow *Then Job [staggers to his feet]. He rips his cloak. He shaves his head. He hurls [himself] down on the ground. He prostrates [himself before YHVH].
21 Death *[Job moans], โ€I came out of my mother's belly naked. I'll return to [the dust] naked. YHVH gives, and YHVH takes. I kneel to YHVH's authority.โ€
22 Patience *Despite all this [suffering], Job never sins. [He] never [unjustly] blames Elohim.